Supernet HD-2010 High Definition Receiver

The Supernet HD2010 will allow you to add HD capabilities to your TV. While your TV still needs to support the higher resolution in order to enjoy the full benefits of HD, which should not be an issue if you have an LCD or Plasma, you can still obtain a clearer picture on normal standard TVs since this box also has a components output together with the legacy RCA.

In Australia, the Supernet HD2010 will allow any TV to receive ABC HD, SBS HD, Ten HD, Seven HD, Nine HD.

You will notice that the sound quality of most HD programs will be much better. In Australia, all the channels broadcast their sound at AC3. This is the updated standard of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, the standard used in movie theatres. You will notice this Most prime time movies on Seven HD

Well priced high definition set top box. Perfect compliment to any high definition LCD or Plasma TV. Full support for Teletext service Robust Easy to use